A Method for Constructing Urban Extent Map from ALOS/PALSAR Satellite Data

TitleA Method for Constructing Urban Extent Map from ALOS/PALSAR Satellite Data
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2011
AuthorsItabashi, K, Miyazaki, H, Iwao, K, Nakamura, K, MATSUOKA, M, Shibasaki, R
Conference Name32nd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing
Date Published2011
Conference LocationTaipei
KeywordsALOS/PALSAR, classification, microwave sensor, urban extent map

Currently, global urban extent map of high accuracy and high resolution have been constructed mainly using optical sensor including ASTER/VNIR. However, there are some regions where urban areas are not correctly detected due to cloud cover and similar reflectance among land cover classes. To solve the problems, we used microwave sensor images of ALOS/PALSAR, which has an advantage in enabling observation in all weather conditions. This study aims at examining the possibility of using ALOS/PALSAR images as an alternative data resource for constructing urban extent map. Firstly, to determine useful ALOS/PALSAR observation mode, we examined how often ALOS/PALSAR images are taken in the regions for which an existing method using ASTER/VNIR images could not detect urban area correctly. Secondly, we collected ALOS/PALSAR satellite images, and examined effect of local-incident-angle-corrected images of ALOS/PALSAR taken by Fine Resolution Mode which can reduce distortion of pixel values due to local incident angle. We also performed unsupervised classifications on the ALOS/PALSAR and local-incident-angle-corrected images. Finally, we discussed ground truth datasets for image classification.