Crowd-Sourcing GIS for Global Urban Area Mapping

TitleCrowd-Sourcing GIS for Global Urban Area Mapping
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2012
AuthorsMiyazaki, H, Kimijima, S, Nagai, M, Iwao, K, Shibasaki, R
Conference Name33rd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing
Date Published2012
Conference LocationPattaya, Thailand
KeywordsASTER, crowd sourcing, urban area mapping, Web-GIS

We present an internet-based data development, called crowd sourcing, for global urban area mapping. Crowd sourcing is an approach in which non-expert people, called crowds, join a project of producing data with simple procedures. To introducing crowd sourcing for our global urban area mapping, we constructed a crowd sourcing platform with open source GIS software and developed a ground truth data development system the platform. The data development system was for producing ground truth data by digitizing boundaries of urban area with visual interpretation of satellite images. By using the system, we successfully developed over 160,000 records of boundary data in five month. We had an experiment with operation of the system to measure working time by several sizes of work unit: 80 km × 80 km, 20 km × 20 km, and 10 km × 10 km. Medians of working time were 87.2, 6.2, and 1.4 hours, respectively. Our result would be helpful for estimate total working time of crowd sourcing of ground truth data by visual interpretation and would contribute to progress of data-intensive studies of geospatial information, remote sensing, and photogrammetry.