A Review of MATSim: A Pilot Study of Chatuchak, Bangkok

TitleA Review of MATSim: A Pilot Study of Chatuchak, Bangkok
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2019
AuthorsPeungnumsai, A, Miyazaki, H, Witayangkurn, A, Kii, M
Conference NameFirst International Conference on Smart Technology & Urban Development (STUD 2019)
Date Published12/2019
Conference LocationChiang Mai, Thailand
KeywordsAgent-based modeling, Road transportation, Transportation

Transportation is one of the basic infrastructures that has become an important factor for urban planning and development. In order to develop a better transportation system can lead to better infrastructure, studying the traffic system, current situation and its behavior, is necessary. However, to reveal every object and its dynamic that happens in the traffic system is impossible without a tool and techniques. MATSim is a simulation model software used to assign the traffic between origins and destinations. Most of MATSim applications have been used for developed countries. Nevertheless, Bangkok is one of several cities challenging on the over-saturated situation on road traffic. To check the situation, the simulation can be used to explore highly concentrated traffic flow. Thus, the objective of this study is to examine the applicability of the Multi-Agents Transportation Simulation (MATSim) framework to Bangkok situation. For the travel demand forecasting, it commonly referred to as the four step model. And MATSim framework is one model for the fourth step of the model which is traffic assignment or route assignment. Therefore, this study explored MATSim by experimenting with two plans of agents represented by people travelling from home to work and work to home over Chatuchak district, Bangkok. The sample size of agents using in the simulation are 10, 100, and 500 agents. The results show the traffic flow differently because of the volume of agent effect on the traffic flow.